Top Tips You Should Know Before Respraying a Car

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We all like a change every now and then, and this applies to all aspects of life and the things in it that are important to us. One thing people like to change quite regularly, is their car. Whether this means getting a new car, or simply making changes to their current car, such as repairs or upgrades, change can be exciting and a great chance to experiment. 

One way you can change your car, is by painting it a new colour. This is something you can do yourself, or have professionals such as ourselves do it for you to ensure smooth execution and success. Respraying a car can in fact be quite a lengthy and tricky process, and so it is important that you take extra care and know the necessary steps to get the job done properly and successfully.

We thought we would give you an insight into what it takes to respray a car, and how you should make sure the vehicle is prepared and in the best condition…


The body of the car should be in perfect condition beforehand

In order for the respray of a car to work properly, let alone look good, the body of the car must be in perfect condition before the process begins. This means that if there is any damage, no matter how small, such as chips and scratches, this should all be repaired beforehand. For the respray to work properly, the surface of the car must be in pristine condition and fully in tact with no faults or damage.


Make sure the vehicle is prepared properly

Respraying a car is actually quite a complex process. It takes lots of important preparation beforehand, and you can’t afford to miss any steps. Firstly, you must strip the original colour, ready for the new colour to go on. You will then need to prime the car and rub it down with sandpaper to ensure the surface is ready. You will also need to buff and polish the car for the process to work properly and in order for the respray to be effective. Finally, you should ensure that you have the correct colour for the respray. This can be a rather expensive process, and you can’t afford to get it wrong!


Let the professionals do it!

Although respraying a car is something that anybody can attempt, we would always advise leaving it to the professionals. This will mean your car is repainted properly and in a shorter amount of time, in the safest way possible. Getting a professional to respray your car means that they will have tonnes of experience in doing it, and therefore do a good job and have it looking exactly how you would like it. This hugely minimises the chance of error or health and safety risks.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about respraying your car, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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