3 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paintwork

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Here at DT Bodyworks, something we deal with a lot, is damaged paintwork. Quite often, cars suffer from things like scratches and chips which can be caused by allsorts. Although it’s not possible to completely prevent this from happening, there are certainly things you can do to lessen the risk and keep your paintwork protected.

Why Electric Cars Are a More Economical Alternative

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I’m sure you’ve heard of, and seen electric cars out and about on the roads or at charging stations. Over the past few years, they have become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why, with all of the fantastic benefits they provide economically, practically and financially. Although owning an electric car may not

Does Your Clutch Need Replacing?

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The clutch is a fundamental part of any car, van or lorry, and without its function, the vehicle would be pretty much useless. So, noticing when your clutch needs changing can be pretty important, as it saves the problem from becoming worse, which could as a result leave you stuck with an inadequate vehicle. Therefore,